What’s up with Christians Dating Un-believers?

This guy is funny and interesting. Comment and tell me what you think. Let’s gab about it.


One thought on “What’s up with Christians Dating Un-believers?

  1. I found this young fellow to be very entertaining, but also speaks his mind honesty and actually makes a lot of good common sense.

    Being a Holy Man myself I fully understand what he is saying. People as a whole lie and deceive, this includes, family, friendships, relationships, dating, and marriage. Just because you perceive someone to be something, does not mean that is what they are. “Time tells all”. This is why all that I have listed above generally fail sooner or later.

    As we age, by rights we should be surrounded by many, but it does not happen that way does it? The truth about-in others rises to the top and we see very few surrounding us.

    Oil and water will never mix…..

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