Are You Being Hoe-ified??

Have you ever been “hoe-ified”? Being “hoe-ified”is when someone attributes hoeishness to you based on activities that have nothing to do with your sexual activity. In this recording, I share a few thoughts about this attitude and it damages women’s sense of personal freedom.


3 thoughts on “Are You Being Hoe-ified??

  1. I enjoyed your message. Awesome perspective. . .I believe that no one should be hoe-ified or slut shame whether they are doing things that are considered slutty or no simply because “hoe” and “slut” are social constructs. Both devised to just as you mentioned in you audio, “to police women’s bodies.” I really enjoyed this. . . spirit placed this into my rant and wisdom. I do this a lot. I’m often inspired by injustice to rant.

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