Selfish??? Really???

Have you ever called selfish for prioritizing things that are important to you? How about being called selfish because they can’t use you or take advantage of you. If you fit into either of these categories, this post is for you…


Hoe-ifying Pt. 2

This is part 2 of a topic I’ve posted about before. Hoe-ifying is a form of slut-shaming that assigns hoe-like characteristics to women for um….let me see, breathing basically. In Pt.2, I’m giving my thoughts on women being being “hoe-ified” for dating outside their ethnicity. I hope you this posting, but I also hope it challenges you to think about how mindsets like this violate your personal freedom as a woman.

Are You Being Hoe-ified??

Have you ever been “hoe-ified”? Being “hoe-ified”is when someone attributes hoeishness to you based on activities that have nothing to do with your sexual activity. In this recording, I share a few thoughts about this attitude and it damages women’s sense of personal freedom.

No Lonely Hearts Postings

When I started this blog, I made up my mind that there would be no postings about how awful and dreadful being single is. This promise includes Valentine’s Day. First things first, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, PEEPS!!! As I do on my annual Valentine’s Day post on my Facebook/Twitter account’s, I’m redeeming Valentine’s from the “if you’re half of a couple, you’re a nobody” shadow that makes this holiday a drag. Let this be a day to spread love to those get overlooked because they’re not part of a couple. Visit the elderly, take your kids out, get a bunch of your single unattached friends ( dudes/dudettes, it’s the weekend)and go out or better yet have a gathering at one your homes, visit your parents, send a special Valentine’s Day to the single’s in your contacts on your cell phone, go bowling, etc. And you are fortunate enough to be in a relationship, go to a hotel to spice things up. For those of you who are snowed in, be grateful to have a place to be snowed in, at least no one’s having to arrest you and put you in jail to get you out of the cold (remember the homeless? Yeah, exactly). But however you choose to spend this WONDERFUL holiday, LOVE SOMEBODY. Nothing takes your mind off your own status like demonstrating Christ’s love for mankind. You’re never more like Him than when you love.

In His Name,
Sis Anjanette Potter