Relationships are more than dick and bubble gum….

My godmother used to joke with that many men only have two things to offer a woman, dick and bubble gum and always seem to be out if gum. The dick and bubble man is pretty easy to spot after you develop a keen sense of discernment. They’re the guy who seems to think that dick is the solution to all a woman’s problems. Even if they’re able to help you financially, the help is always accompanied by, you guessed it, dick. Back when I was younger, we used to call these men “breath and britches “men because they seemed to have little more to offer a woman than that . Nothing of any real substance.

The problem with men like this is that when you need them for more than just sex, you can’t find them. They “ghost” you, disappearing when you need them the most revealing their true self to you. The only positive thing about dick and bubble gum men is well, nothing. You have to be into no strings sex yourself and since many women aren’t or at least many of the women who I see posting to social media or have run across in women’s ministry aren’t my advice is if you choose to keep dealing with “Casper” is keep your options open and tighten up on your birth control because if you can’t count on him (and his “disappearing acts” are proof that you can’t), any child you have by him won’t be able to either. I know that SOME MEN change after they get children with a woman, but your life plan doesn’t include single parenthood, I would follow the advice I gave earlier. I know this sounds rough, but it’s meant to provoke about your life plans and how you want your love life to go.


Top Reasons Why Women Say a Man’s “Too Nice”: How to Overcome “The Nice Guy”Trap 

Do nice guys really finish last??

Or is that a line that men to “guilt” women into “sympathy sex”?

In this post I list some reasons women give for why they might consider a guy “too nice”. 

I also talk how to overcome the “nice guy” trap/curse and learn how to be more assertive in your approach to women and, really, life.

Hopefully, this recording will put you on the right path toward getting the woman (love) you want. 

Listen and enjoy (click here to listen)

How to Avoid Buying “Shoddy Goods”

Shoddy = Badly made or done. Of inferior quality. 

For the purposes of this post goods=relationships NOT PEOPLE. There’s no such thing as shoddy people, only relationships or situations (and they can be salvaged). 

In this post, I talk about dodging relationship bullets that have the potential to take you into unnecessary drama and messiness. 

NOW this isn’t to be confused with relationship situations that aren’t perfect but still may lead to happy relationships. Listen and enjoy……(click here to listen)

Why Do YOU Think You’re Still Single (asked in a snooty nasty tone)??

In this post, I share some insights about singleness vs marriage and how many times we miss it when we act like marriage is the ideal and that singleness is a curse for not getting relationships right. I hope you enjoy it (click here to listen)

You’re Single Until You’re Married/You’re Married Until You’re Divorced

Have you ever met someone, hit it off, had an AWESOME CONNECTION, then found out they aren’t quite single? What if you met someone you really like a lot but you’re not quite if you’re headed toward exclusivity? I address those issues in this post. I also give my thoughts on dating people aren’t divorced but aren’t married either (separated and don’t APPEAR to be reconciling anytime soon). Enjoy…

Abstinence Is/Isn’t…..

This post has been a long time coming (Life…). But here are some thoughts I have about abstinence and clearing up what it is/isn’t. I’m gonna post more on the subject as I’m moved to.

Abstinence is…

Abstinence isn’t….

Are You Suuuure You Wanna Get Maaaarried???

Many single people (especially women) have been asked this question. In this series of recordings, I discuss many topics that singles contemplating/meditating/brain farting/ etc. about marriage should think about. Or at least what I think about. 

Part 1

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