Meeting Someone Halfway…

How far should you go when compromising for the sake of a relationship? How much is too much to ask for the sake of love? Hear my thoughts on this topic.



Have you ever met someone who seemed to be the man/woman of your dreams. Same values, tastes, interests, etc. Then you get really into the relationship and they turn into someone else? I call this little phenomena MORPHING. Here’s a secret about “Morphers”, they haven’t changed into anyone else. Their real self is just emerging. And you’re finally seeing their horns

Stop Threatening Single Women with Cats!!!

   This post is from a series of voice memos (sort of a voice recording journal) that I’ve been recording about my thoughts about different topics. Today, I’m attacking the “Cat Lady” trope and how the implied message behind it is used to pressure women into unwise dating/marital/relationship decisions and prey on our insecurities about meeting Mr. Right.